Tamiya TRF Series No.4

7 05 2008

TRF Series No.4

Length: 365mm
(Image shows assembled chassis kit. Motor, tires, battery, and R/C mechanisms separately required.)

Own the 2007 Reedy Race Champion Machine : In May 2007, Marc Rheinard, one of TRF’s ace drivers, took first place in the elite Invitational Class at the Reedy Race held in California. To commemorate this fantastic achievement, Tamiya is now releasing the TRF415MSXX Marc Rheinard Edition 2007. This latest evolution of the TRF415 series has all the refinements taken from years of racing development. The race-spec 2-belt driven 4WD chassis features carbon fiber upper and lower decks, 2-piece front and rear bulkheads, and a front direct-drive/rear ball diff drivetrain system that is prevalent among international top-class R/C drivers. In addition, the 2.0mm carbon fiber upper deck features a new design to better control chassis roll and the 2.5mm lower deck is adapted specifically for high-grip surfaces.

■Lower deck features integrated air intake and is equipped with aluminum air duct to facilitate efficient motor cooling.

■Front direct coupling drive system is widely-used in international races.

■Rear drive system features 36T pulley with ball diff and a spur gear holder secured by pins for enhanced durability.

About the Model : Chassis length: 365mm (Body not included) ●Width: 188mm ●Wheelbase: 257mm ●Tread: (Front/Rear) 163mm

Separately Required Items : ●Body (any 1/10 R/C touring car body) ●2-Channel R/C system with ESC ●Motor ●Tires ●Pinion Gear ●Separate Type Battery Pack & Charger



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