HD Handycam: Back to nature

9 05 2008

Many great innovations have been inspired by nature, from the thistle burrs that led to Velcro, to submarine ballast systems based on fish bladders. The latest generation High Definition Handycam models from Sony feature groundbreaking new colour technology – called x.v.Colour – that closely matches the natural characteristics of the human eye.

x.v.Colour vividly reproduces reds, greens and blues; setting a new benchmark of authenticity by expanding the conventional sRGB standard by up to 1.8 times. Sony was the first company to develop camcorders that meet this new international colour standard, called ‘xvYCC’.

Handycam picture quality is further enhanced by the ClearVid™ CMOS sensor featured in new models; technology that is exclusive to Sony. The high processing speed means that video and high Megapixel stills can be captured simultaneously; then with video turned of, the stills definition actually rivals many digital cameras (from 4.0 to 6.1 Megapixels dependent on the Handycam model chosen).

ClearVid™ allows users to replicate TV sports replays too, capturing short bursts of action at 200 frames per second, then playing back every detail with a smooth, slow motion effect. The creative potential for this imaginative feature is endless.

HD handycamThe latest generation Handycam range from Sony records using the advanced 1080i HDV format for near-professional standard quality. In browsing the range, customers can choose between the convenience and simplicity of shooting straight to Mini DVD and the flexibility and ease of PC editing of Standard Mini DV cassettes.



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