Pesawat Radio Control

9 05 2008

Phase 3 EF-16 EDF w/Fan/Brushless Motor & ESC (F16) - Item No. 107312

Phase 3 EF-16 EDF w/Fan/Brushless Motor & ESC (F16)

Fly your next sortie with the EF-16 from Phase 3 Models. This amazing EDF aircraft is fast, fun, and shockingly easy to fly. Its comparatively light wing loading, efficient wing and smooth lines make it fast on those full-throttle dive bombing runs, yet is still a pussycat at low throttle and glide settings. A modern jet model is usually not so easy to fly! The included EF (Electric Fan) system is impressive and will push your new jet along at exciting speeds! We know you’ll enjoy flying your next sortie and combating bogies at your local flying field with the Phase 3 Models EF-16.

Includes motor, ducted fan and ESC!

Wing Span: 26 In (660mm)
Wing Area: 195 SqIn (12.58dm2)
Length: 36 In (914mm)
Weight RTF: 20 Oz (570gr)
Wing Loading: 15 Oz/SqFt (45gr/dm2)
Functions: Stabilators with Elevon Mixing and Throttle

Radio Required: 3-Channel or More w/2 Micro Servos, Micro Rx and Elevon Mixing
Battery Required: 3 Cell 2100mAH LiPo




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